Sunday, 5 May 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 2 Where I'd like to be in ten years

In ten years time, both my children will be easing their way into adulthood, and I'll be slipping even further into the comfy slippers and cardy wearing years that I feel beckoning me with impunity. I accidentally fell into my dream job a few years ago, so I would be pleased if I'm still working there or doing something similar. 

So yeah, in ten years time, I think I'd like to be more or less where I am now - but sitting on a much more comfortable couch. And contemplating another kitchen make-over because my new kitchen will be ten years old.

Day one:

Current relationship status - happy.

None of that soul-mate rubbish. That's just a creepy stalker being creepy and stalk-y. We hit it off a long time ago, we enjoy each other's company and rarely fight. Maybe some passive-aggressive stare offs and eye rolls and the odd door slam, (I said happy, didn't mention anything about levels of maturity) but on the whole, my relationship status can be described as happy.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Random things are in fact random

  1. On 'holidays' today. This is a bit of a misnomer because basically, I am not going to my paid employment, I am just doing my other full time job on its own instead of juggling both of them. I dropped the kids at school, attempted to locate the practically brand new jumper that went AWOL on the last week of school, chatted to a couple of school mums and went home. Got home just before ten, made a coffee and finished reading the paper. Tidied the house (took an hour and a bit), looked at the clock, had lunch and thought "now what do I do?"
  2. Probably if I was home all the time, I would have things to do - but the cleaner comes tomorrow, the house was tidy enough, there wasn't a full load of washing, went foraging on the weekend, so the cupboards are still full.  And I had to go and get the kids again within too short a space of time to start a Big Job. So - I did what any good lazy parent would do, and lolled on the couch until it was time to collect the kids.
  3. It was nice actually - no television, just a few tunes on my iPod. Spot of Talking Heads, two Cat Empire albums, bit of random this and that (although, considering that I consciously set it on shuffle, so does that mean it is really random selection? Or merely consciously disordered?) Might have a Tarrantino day tomorrow. That should keep me amused.
  4. Reading #2 of Game of Thrones - watched the first episode last night, and was planning to watch episode 2 tonight but got sidetracked by an ABBA documentary. 
  5. ABBA is a bit daggy really. Even though I can sing along to every song, I don't think I would deliberately choose to listen to ABBA or buy their CDs. However, the children are discovering retro music (aka the contents of mummy's iPod) However, I have decided I need some Elvis Costello, some Beatles, spot of David Bowie (including The Laughing Gnome). And some Young People's Music.
  6. Quite pleased a date for the election has been announced. For a start, that will remove the endless speculation as to when the election will be held; and while the mainstream media is all ER-MAH-GERD ELEKSHUN - more than one state in this great country of ours holds elections every four years (last weekend in November in Victoria, I think) and the world does not end, and nor is it a political ploy to know the date four years in advance.
  7. However, the Haters will be hating; one of my real life friends who has a completely irrational hatred of the current Prime Minister has already started banging on about it.
  8. Ok. covered off on reading (GoT), watching (ditto plus ABBA documentaries), listening (to loads of stuff because I can), doing (as little as possible, plus planning a road-trip later this year, which needs actual planning of the journey and booking of accommodations because of course we're travelling in the school holidays)
  9. Wearing - pjs (it's late); no face, no perfume. 
  10. Grateful for - lovely children. They were so excited to be back at school today and so full of their day when they got home. I hope they never lose the joy.
Random enough? Probably.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pirate Kitty has Thoughts

Some thoughts for the week...

1. Most people are good at something - some people are a not bad at doing a lot of things, some people are particularly good at a few things. Some people are sort of average at nearly everything (which is a skill unto itself -  you'd be calling them 'well rounded'). But some people are REALLY good at one thing, to the detriment of all other skills, including that of being a reasonably decent and thoughtful human being. Young tennis playing chap comes to mind (I have been winning because I hit the ball good. Well, der!) And a cricketer. Yeah yeah.

2. Jim Courier is incredibly annoying. Lleyton Hewitt is surprisingly less so. In fact, I may well go out on a limb here and say that for a bogan from Radelaide, he's actually quite pleasant to listen to. The female tennis players need to stop with the grunting. That's almost as irritating as Jim Courier.

3. I don't particularly like tennis. I find it boring. In fact, I am not sure why I end up watching  so much of it (probably because the testosterone-laden members of this household are genetically disposed to enjoy way too much sport, and because it is less effort to roll with it than fight about it)

4. Fires suck. There's something so - impenetrable - inarguable - final - about them. Fires just burn and burn and burn then there is nothing.

5. I really like my day job. 

6. The use by date on sunscreen is one to be considered because well - it doesn't work at all when it's past it (even if it is the fancypants SPF 30+ one you paid a million dollars for)

7. Lancome Visionnaire is really quite good at taking the red out of sunburn when one has neglected to notice Item #6

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The hardest part of starting is in fact starting...

Morning, shoppers.

Welcome to my blog.

Pop the kettle on, pour yourself a beverage of your choice, grab yourself  a little bit of somethingsomething and have a seat right here.

Can't tell you what's going to happen in here as yet as I don't even know myself. One thing I can tell you is it probably won't be full of witty or insightful social commentary and it may well be full of dirty laundry. I read a bit, I procrastinate a lot, like to cook, like to drink wine (and cider and beer) and coffee. Love the idea of tea, however cannot come to terms with how crap it tastes. Unless it's made by a proper tea lady with enormous bosoms - in that case, it's strong, white and with one thanks very much.

Sometimes I crap on about make-up and perfume and clothes and fashion and young people today; and I'm coming to terms with the fact that no matter how I slice it, I am in fact a middle aged lady of generous proportions and no manner of red lipstick will restore my misbegotten youth. I have taken a solemn vow to steer clear of the funky hair cuts and the statement glasses and the asymmetrical tunics in bold colours. I will not be a Statement Middle Aged Lady even when I do dive over the bridge to the other side of fifty. Disgraceful old lady, maybe. I can manage that without too much trouble.

So yeah, not sure what's going to happen, what I'm going to write about, even how often I am going to write. I'm a slacker and I know it - I'm full of good intentions. And yeah, think I mentioned I procrastinate a lot.

To finish with, nine things:

  1. Reading: Jim Butcher - Cold Days. Book 14 of the Dresden Files. These get better and better as the series goes on. It's the 14th in a series, you'd have to start at the start so I'm not going to explain.
  2. Wearing: Pajama pants, Trenery black t-shirt (it's late. I've been out all day and wearing heels on a Saturday. Earlier, it was a frock, heels, necklace and resin bangles)
  3. Perfume: Today is brought to you by Dolce Vita by Dior.
  4. Face: Standard face...Clarins foundation, Lancome Doll Eyes mascara, smidge of Clinique eyeshadow, Saint Rouge by Lipstick Queen
  5. Listening to: MTV Classic. Ridic amount of cool songs tonight. 80s and 90s party tunes, now it's karaoke. 
  6. Eating: Toast
  7. Doing: Making toast as soon as I post this
  8. Thinking: I'm hungry. Lunch was a long time ago.
  9. Grateful: That today is over (good day, but a long one)