Sunday, 5 May 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 2 Where I'd like to be in ten years

In ten years time, both my children will be easing their way into adulthood, and I'll be slipping even further into the comfy slippers and cardy wearing years that I feel beckoning me with impunity. I accidentally fell into my dream job a few years ago, so I would be pleased if I'm still working there or doing something similar. 

So yeah, in ten years time, I think I'd like to be more or less where I am now - but sitting on a much more comfortable couch. And contemplating another kitchen make-over because my new kitchen will be ten years old.

Day one:

Current relationship status - happy.

None of that soul-mate rubbish. That's just a creepy stalker being creepy and stalk-y. We hit it off a long time ago, we enjoy each other's company and rarely fight. Maybe some passive-aggressive stare offs and eye rolls and the odd door slam, (I said happy, didn't mention anything about levels of maturity) but on the whole, my relationship status can be described as happy.