Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pirate Kitty has Thoughts

Some thoughts for the week...

1. Most people are good at something - some people are a not bad at doing a lot of things, some people are particularly good at a few things. Some people are sort of average at nearly everything (which is a skill unto itself -  you'd be calling them 'well rounded'). But some people are REALLY good at one thing, to the detriment of all other skills, including that of being a reasonably decent and thoughtful human being. Young tennis playing chap comes to mind (I have been winning because I hit the ball good. Well, der!) And a cricketer. Yeah yeah.

2. Jim Courier is incredibly annoying. Lleyton Hewitt is surprisingly less so. In fact, I may well go out on a limb here and say that for a bogan from Radelaide, he's actually quite pleasant to listen to. The female tennis players need to stop with the grunting. That's almost as irritating as Jim Courier.

3. I don't particularly like tennis. I find it boring. In fact, I am not sure why I end up watching  so much of it (probably because the testosterone-laden members of this household are genetically disposed to enjoy way too much sport, and because it is less effort to roll with it than fight about it)

4. Fires suck. There's something so - impenetrable - inarguable - final - about them. Fires just burn and burn and burn then there is nothing.

5. I really like my day job. 

6. The use by date on sunscreen is one to be considered because well - it doesn't work at all when it's past it (even if it is the fancypants SPF 30+ one you paid a million dollars for)

7. Lancome Visionnaire is really quite good at taking the red out of sunburn when one has neglected to notice Item #6

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